Wedding Car Decoration in Chennai by Chennai Wedding

Weddings in India are all about grandeur and magnificence. Be it stage decoration or wedding floral arrangement, the aura and ambiance of wedding venue is capable to remind you of opulence that royal families once enjoyed. The team Chennai Wedding lets you extend the feel and vibes of this royal splendor until the farewell as well! While the ‘vidayi’ or ending of farewell ceremonies is always marked by some bittersweet memories, it is the time when two people are taking their anxious and first steps towards a new journey and the team believes that it should be as beautiful and wonderful as the rest of the celebration.

The team Chennai Wedding takes the decoration of your wedding vehicle to a completely new level!  While taking care of the fact that nothing goes wrong with the appearance and maintenance of the vehicle, it uses innovative yet vehicle-friendly props such as fresh flowers, ribbons and washable paints to decorate your car for the occasion.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call us or send an email to us via contact form to know more about how the team can give your wedding car a royal makeover!